The Paradigmatic Anarch of History: A Pseudo-Hegelian View of Man and History

Bolshevism: an entity of Anarchy. Der Ewige Bolschewiken: an impersonification of the Anarch, the bringer of Chaos and the Guardian of historical development.

Bolshevism isn’t an ideology. It’s an ever-repeating essence which rises in the vast lands of Eurasia when social tension is tight and the dialectical cycle of Revolution and History reaches its peak. Bolshevism as such isn’t inevitable when revolution is at hand, it needs a carrier of its purifying flame. An Idea to bring Bolshevism from the Platonic world of Idealism to the concrete materialistic enviroment of Man. An Idea to be absorbed into Bolshevism, just as a parasite needs a host. A host from which its forces are to spring and sipper into the lands of Eurasia, to the vast masses of humanity.

Orthodox Christianity was once that host, Marxist Communism was once that host; hijacked by the geist of Bolshevism to turn up-side-down on the Eurasian land, transforming it; establishing a new order, and lastly perform the Messianic duty of the Eurasian land with Great Russia as its spearhead. The duty with roots in the ancient imperial heritage in the history of Civilisation; the realization of the Third Rome with Russia as its bringer, and an Idea as its camouflaged bearer. The third empire that will reign the world in the name of Eurasian Ideals; that’s the sole and final purpose of Bolshevism. World domination, nothing less, nothing more. The paradigm will forever repeat itself until that purpose has been achieved. The social law of Dialectics makes Bolshevism inevitable; as long as there is social tensions, as there still is agony and pain in the hearts of Terrans as individuals and as collective, Bolshevism will always be fed upon, waiting for the right moment to reappear in the East.

Again and again the antithetic Bolshevism is defeated by the thetic Capitalism. The Capitalist David beats the Bolshevik Goliath despite the strength of the Eurasian hordes. The well-trained minority always beats the majority relying purely on strength, just as the 300 Spartan warriors heroically smashed the 200,000-man strong Persian army of Darius I at Thermopylae. Wave after wave of masses of Persian warriors were slaughtered by individually skilled and well-formated Spartans. For one week the Spartan few held the hills of Thermopylae, and they were not defeated because of the overwhelming force of the Persian hordes, no they were defeated because of a Judas among them; a traitor who sold his warrior comrades out to the enemy. The ‘fifth column’ defeat at Thermopylae signified the end of the ancient Greek epoch, and Sparta and Athen became nothing more than vasall states.

When Bolshevism again rises in the East, foresight and fate may well break the dialectical cycle of defeat. Bolshevism needs to inflect its own image upon the world, become the world as it has found itself and achieve Absolutility; signifying the end of Dialectics, the utter end of History and beginning of Man’s self-realization. The day when Man stand before the altar of Over-Self understanding the meaning of his, to that day, insignificant existence. The day when Human ‘Id’, the Freudian term for human primitivity, evolves from the Animal stadium to the Overhuman consciousness. The ‘Id’ becomes aware.

Humanity will be evolved into a higher stage of consciousness. That’s why we’re National-Bolsheviks, pushing forward the throne of the Absolute, and will be until the very day our lives will be ended by the forces beyond our pathetically, Humanly tight imagination.



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