The Manifesto ”the NBP Will” is based on the ideas of the Leader expounded in the book ”Another Russia”. The Manifesto reasonably combines these oracular ideas with the real experience of fighting saved up by the Party.
The Manifesto is not the NBP-program, not a concrete plan of action. It is more exact to name it a clot of the Party will put into words. The Party Energy concentrated into a fist.

1. The National-bolshevik wants to become the Creator of the New World. That’s in principle. Not to restore any boring historical justices, not to give people back something stolen but to create a new world and to put his great party – the NBP – in the center of this new world.

2. The NBP is the center of the world. The heart of Russia is beating now in Saratov not in Kremlin. The main historical events are planned in the bunker in the 2nd Frunzenskaya street. Historical dramas take place in Saratov jail, in the zone near Saratov, in the central prison in Riga. The National-Bolshevik’s thought must be NB-centric. The Party is everything, all the rest is the historical background.

3. The Party wants to create – to grow up from itself, to build around itself – a new inexperienced Russian Nation. ”The new nation must be created on other principles, not on the color of hair or eyes, but on bravery and faithfulness with respect to our commune.” (E. Limonov) The new nation will take only the brightest, the most heroic, the most ingenious results of inspiration from the Russian past. It is not necessary to take everything – we cannot drag this huge thousand-year heaps overloaded with rotting corpses of people and ideas away in the future. Not schizophrenics, not moaning intelligentsia, not officials from the Ministry of Justice will decide who is Russian and who is not. The Party will decide that. Based on the principles pointed out by the Leader.

4. The National-bolshevik rejects with contempt the thousand-year people’ rights to lands, areas. ”But our forebears have been living here for thousands years!” ”Yeah, about thousands years, aren’t they bored? It’s enough, you’ve lived for too long. We will live here the next thousand years!” Only that people, which is ready to protect its land here and now is worthy to be its owner. It will be impossible to hide behind the wide ancestors’ backs in the New World the NBP is fighting for.

5. Nowadays the main NBP task is the struggle for the Russian Life-Expanse. Life-expanse for a nation is its territory, language, education, natural resources, transport passages, non-killed ecology, workplaces, social and economic niches, attractive and healthy women etc. It is understandable that the NBP will not rescue the sinking ship named ”RFia” with its heroic actions in Sevastopol, Riga, Prague, with attacks to hostile embassies, with celebrations of the Day of Nation. We have no army, no money for it. Our goal is in the following: literally to suck up all alive strength from the organism of the growing decrepit and dying old Russian-soviet nation and include it into the New Russian Nation. Seeing our feats, our irrepressible energy, our lofty recklessness, our discipline, our patriotism not in words but in facts the people we exactly need will join us. Brave men, adventurers, non-acknowledged talented men, fugitive soldiers, ambitious lieutenants – in that furious broth, from those components the new nation will succeed! That is, not 40-year funeral-faced old men and women with dangling abdomens that are shuffling along Russian streets.

6. If we gather the best young men into the new nation, pull them out of the dead bog of Russian life, we will have the best women also. Their never-mistaken female instinct will drive them to us. The numerous children of the new nation who inherit talent and fighting spirit from their parents plus good-brought up will win back the best pieces of life-area from foreigners and the decrepit Russian-soviet nation in two ticks.

7. The NBP will create a life that suits our tastes, our ideas about Beauty, Freedom, Equity etc. in reconquered territories. It is silly to strive to paint the detailed portrait of the future sitting in the party bunker in the 2nd Frunzenskaya street in the damp March Moscow of 2003. It is clear even geographically where to put that future. But 8-year experience has shown many national-bolshevik preferences. These preferences are taken not from books but from real experience and some of them are written with blood and have a smell of prison. Treachery is considered to be the most terrible thing in national-bolshevik midst, then cowardice follows. Passion to alcohol, lack of initiative and laziness bring a party member’s authority down. The social structure preferred by natsbols is near to what is called Military Democracy in textbooks: commanders are elected only with collective approval, after that everyone submits to commanders implicitly. There is no bureaucracy. The atmosphere is not as in an army but more like in a guerrilla group or in a piracy crew. Art tastes are various. Property relations are brotherly. Sexual life is free but less loose than in a common youth hostel: military life is difficult to combine with sin.

8. Now two main slogans are inscribed on the NBP flags: Nation and Freedom. ”… for the majority of people a scanty increase to their salary in rubles and dollars is important. Only for the minority an increase to freedom and opportunities to involve their aggression is necessary. That’s why we will make our civilization orient to the aggressive minority…” (E.Limonov) Freedom for national-bolsheviks is craving to get out limits fixed by modern police-prosecuted civilization. It is an escape from the prison as a matter of fact. It is healthy striving of a free wild animal not to let domesticate it and close it in a cell. The police-prosecuted International that suppresses all the centers of revolts on the planet with solidarity is our most real and ominous enemy today. It wants to destroy physically, to exterminate us, the NBP.

9. Russia does not need redecoration, Russia needs revolution. All the piles the state rests upon have rotten through: the family, the army, the police, etc. None of these institutions can be improved not being destroyed. The National-bolshevik must not be afraid of the advice of Nietzsche: ”Push a falling man!”.

10. To be a national-bolshevik is a great life success and happiness. The NBP gives a member of the Party the three most important blessings:

a more lofty life-aim than just to continue your clan;
a life in everyday risk;
brothers and sisters – comrades in the Party. A correctly understood Party ideology saves from a terrible presentiment of death and nonexistence.

The Party greeting ”Yes, Death!” is a cheerful expression of love to Life.



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